The Kyoku line of men’s products Sake infused Shave Crème available in the USA

Michael Hepworth


HOLLYWOOD(Perfect Skin Today)3/3/13/–The Kyoku line of men’s products are now available in the USA and currently are available exclusively at Barney’s in New York, as well as the usual internet sources. The pitch is that Kyoku fuses tradition and innovation, and couples Japanese ingredients with cutting edge technology which enables the products to be fully activated at the cellular level.

In a publicist dream, by all accounts the line was started when the company’s founder after he visited a small Japanese town and discovered that all the men there looked healthier and younger than their age. I think he must have visited Beverly Hills instead and got confused.

I got the chance to try the Sake infused Shave Crème (170 ml for $28), and With this product, sake softens the skin and the silicone microparticles provide a cushioned surface for a close and calming shave. You have to put it on for at least two minutes before shaving for it to prove effective, and with over 25 years of research and development behind them, Kyoku are hoping this shave cream becomes an industry leader.

The crème also includes an exclusive dual phase cellular anti-inflammatory complex that works to stop the pathway to irritation, redness, bumps and skin dullness. The silicone microparticles act to coat the skin to ensure consistent skin to blade contact, and are geared to eliminate nicks and cuts from inconsistent contact.

The products actually looks more like an exfoliant than a shave crème andnthe smell is rather different as well, with a lovely minty aroma.

I was not aware that Sake has always been considered a skin softener, or that it derives from fermented rice bran. It also acts as an intense moisturizer increasing oxygenation, and also functions to decrease free radical production via increased capillary circulation. This allows the skin to breathe and remain hydrated throughout the shave.

The company does have a bunch of other skin care products available, and what struck me was the prices-all incredibly low and way below competitors prices. I suggest trying the shave-crème, and if you are impressed zoom in and get the entire range.